The International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, as a gesture of goodwill to the peoples of Kosovo and Croatia, decided to release all those convicted of war crimes who fought against Serbia. Yugoslavia “The peoples of Kosovo and other countries that were enslaved by Yugoslavia in the past have already […]

The director of the legendary film «The Avengers», Joss Whedon, set about shooting the film «Final Decision: Operation Liberty on a Third World War with Russia.» dictator According to the preliminary script of the tape, which published the publication, the action will take place in 2022. Russian dictator Vlad […]

In Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, protesters burned the Russian flag in protest against the reduction of tourist flow from the Russian Federation. Russian flag According to “Georgia.Online,” the protesters were determined — they burned the tricolor, then wiped their feet revealingly on the printed Russian coat of arms. In […]